Why Tell Your Story?

Your story is important, and powerful!

Because of God's work in this world and in your life, you have a story of salvation and sanctification. Your story can bring encouragement, hope and blessing on others. So share it!

In this blog you will find stories of God's faithfulness, love, power and blessing as experienced by His beloved saints - that's us. Check them out below.

We would love if you'd share yours with us too!


Miraculous Transformation

I was born and raised in Milwaukee and had a difficult time as a child cuz of ADHD and ODD. When I was young there were no diagnoses for...


I came to know Jesus at seven years old for the first time, but it wasn't until sixteen that I really grasped the depth of how much Jesus...

From Slavery Into Freedom

How much did it take for me? I have said this to a diverse number of people, even my own family who continues in their paths of sin. I'll...

Broken Marriages, Faithful God

I was raised in a very traditional Catholic household. I recall at a young age not agreeing with everything I was being taught by the...

Real Grace

I grew up in a church that was more interested in talking about hellfire and brimstone than anything else. They sure liked to highlight...

Toilet Paper & Tobacco

Toilet paper and tobacco seemed like all the supplies that this bunch of high school boys needed. This is how most of Friday nights...


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