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Why Tell Your Story?

Your story is important, and powerful!

Because of God's work in this world and in your life, you have a story of salvation and sanctification. Your story can bring encouragement, hope and blessing on others. So share it!

In this blog you will find stories of God's faithfulness, love, power and blessing as experienced by His beloved saints - that's us. Check them out below.

We would love if you'd share yours with us too!

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Miraculous Transformation

I was born and raised in Milwaukee and had a difficult time as a child cuz of ADHD and ODD. When I was young there were no diagnoses for...

God, My Provider

As the oldest daughter in my family, I was the first in many things. Perhaps the hardest was being the first to leave my father. He was...

A Redeemed Leper

The book of Leviticus reveals the strict laws for people who have a disease/condition called leprosy. This disease causes one to be...

Letting God In

My story is not one I particularly want to tell. It’s not one I like. Rife with drama, heartache and stupid decisions. Such is life I...

Out Of My Hands

The plane landed and my mask was completely drenched with tears and snot. Before I boarded the two and a half hour flight from Charlotte...

Prophetic Words

It was as if I had heard “The Story I’ll Tell” message series 18 years before it was preached at North Ridge. Three years before that I...

An Angel Watching Over

One of four amazing miracles our God has so graciously performed in my personal body and life played out on Interstate 694 in Minnesota....

God Always Answers

When my daughter went to college, I struggled with becoming an empty nester because we did a lot together. With leaving home, difficult...

There Are No Waves Yet

You’d never guess that this was a day for an epic miracle merely by looking at the water. I’m staring. Staring at the subtle current, if...

Real Grace

I grew up in a church that was more interested in talking about hellfire and brimstone than anything else. They sure liked to highlight...

Speaking Truth

It was the summer of 2014, I was almost 21. That winter before my mom and six younger siblings finally left my dad, Paul. His cover was...

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