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God Always Answers

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

When my daughter went to college, I struggled with becoming an empty nester because we did a lot together. With leaving home, difficult studies and tests, she did too. I went to church more often to pray for her strength and guidance from Jesus.

In her second year of college she got pregnant, so there were more prayers for good health and a healthy baby. When my granddaughter was born the love of God was poured into my heart because she was just so beautiful! Then, more prayers for my daughter to have strength to raise a newborn, continue her studies and graduate - which she did. When my granddaughter was two, her father decided to leave and didn’t look back! More prayers were said for her to get through this, and for me as well.

Now she has a great job and I’m so proud of her because she is doing so well. Throughout this “college journey” in both of our lives there were many prayers. In the short journey, God placed his Spirit in my heart as He answered (every one of them!) my prayers.

This has strengthened my faith tremendously.

Like the saying goes…”When it comes to prayers God has only three answers, yes…not yet…and I have something else in mind.” Praise God!


Submitted by Brian L. on 11/14/21

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